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January 25th, 2007, 09:07
my picks are Jericho, Bioshock, and Witcher.

I dont know crap about Dragon Age, I know I should being a fan of everything Bioware, but I just havent paid any attention to it. By the time the Bioware gets ahold of me and shows me just why I need this game, I suppose that I'll be chomping at the bit to play it all in due time. I'm ready guys, start thrilling me already, youre at a disadvantage from the get-go because it doesnt have D&D stamped all over it.

STALKER has fallen off my radar, and Conan for some reason doesnt excite me. It should, I love Howard, and I live a life drenched in fantasy metal music and imagery, but the word MMO is a dirty one for me at this time. Barbarians talking in leet speak is ironically appropriate, but for some reason the thought of a Conan MMO just leaves an icky taste in my brain. I know Spore is supposed to be just so innovative and sensational, but it just looks like a game that I should be able to download for 19.99 somewhere. It's novel, colorful, fun, mutated stuff. So was Impossible Creatures, for like 45 minutes.

No interest in anything to do with Quake, Half Life, Unreal, or Crysis. Myst? I'm all for nostalgia, but gag me w/ a ginsu. Gal Civ=Pure TBS Tedium, been there/done that and subsequently slipped into a coma for a week. no thx. WWII, PLEASE no thx, if I kill one more nazi Im going to start feeling sorry for the guys. Hitler is dead. I think weve gotten even by now. Next

Giant robots in RTS suck, Supreme Commander, just letting you know beforehand. Speaking of which, I am predicting that this Supreme Commander game that everyone is (and has been) salivating over for what seems like freakin eons is going to blow big time, big robots and all. Oh I know, it has this/that/the other thing and is made by him/him/ and him. Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut feeling, and this is my gut feeling. That's my prediction, thanks for calling. A submarine sim? Maybe when I was like 7 years old. Oh plz, make it stop, the pain the pain!

2007 looks bleak.

Not really, it's late, Im a bit cranky. It finally looks like the year that I'm going to actually save money on games for once, tho. I'm finally going to catch up! I have a backlog of games that I havent already finished and been saturated with like Spellforce II, Age of Empires III, Nosferatu, Rome:Total War, Icewind Dale Collection, Oblivion, NWN II, Fate, Winter Assault/Dark Crusade, Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich, and good old faithful FastCrawl.
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