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January 25th, 2007, 17:28
Actually, I find that you are not right on the matter. Jordan's world is complex, indeed, but so is Erikson's. Actually, I believe that Erikson's works present a far more complex world than WoT, however I am not that far into the series, having read the first book only so far.
Thank you, I really like to discuss this subject, it would be boring if we agree all the time. Well, sometimes Jordan overdo the entire tea-sipping and description thing, you are right. But on the most part your complaints is a matter of taste, you want a lot of actions all the time, and blanks to fill in yourself about everyone…. this requires use of your imagination. Jordan's world however is described in such a detail, IMHO you can't compare that to Eriksson's fuzziness, I played an online game based on Jordan for 7 years…. We could recreate the environment of the seanchan personality of the different races, everything from meeting to wedding rituals for all the different races in great detail with the information from the book, and with amazingly few inconsistances….. I know of only two minor bloppers he made but they can be saved. We can also recreate the languages of the different cultures, all of their cermonies… everything. This is just because he is describing the characters everyday life in detail, and not only the kind of "action" you appear to want all the time. AS for it not moving forward, you can read the post with a spoiler warning I posted earlier in this thread, which explains how everything took a big leap forward in the latest books.
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