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October 20th, 2006, 10:45
That depends on how patient you are.

(1) Yes, there's a great game underneath there, no doubt about it. If you liked Gothic 1 and 2, you'll feel right at home with 3.

(2) Yes, it's still very rough around the edges. I get intermittent freezes -- just infrequent enough that I forget to save, but not so infrequent that I can safely ignore them, as well as stuff that appear to be scripting issues (e.g. I'm pretty certain I completed a fairly straightforward "kill some monsters" quest objective, but the game didn't register it).

There are also some what I'd call "moderate" balancing issues, at least at low levels (which is where I still am). For example, if you get jumped by a bloodfly, you'll be dead in about three seconds flat (I counted); OTOH you can run faster than a wolf, which means that with patience, room to back into, and lots of arrows you can end up killing just about anything (so far anyway).

So, the end-all be-all of fantasy action CRPG's it obviously isn't, but it looks like a very worthy successor to Gothic 2. I'm certainly enjoying it much more than I ever enjoyed That Other Big Open-Ended CRPG, warts and all.

But yes, you might want to hold out for one more patch. And even so, be prepared to do some tweaking around your system; I had to install a couple of drivers from AMD to keep it from crashing every minute or so.
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