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January 25th, 2007, 22:51
Previews are generally more about salesmanship than journalism. Even the so-called "hands-on" previews often involve a dev leading the article writer around on a leash, so he/she is unable to delve into all the goopy broken mess lying just beneath the surface. Another popular tactic is to drop the hands-on person into the middle of a heavily-populated and well fleshed out area, while the rest of the game might be a barren wasteland….

The only way to really judge a game (and the only thing I really pay attention to when considering whether to lay down my hard-earned cash) is a thorough critique of the actual game from start-to-finish. Even then, I tend to wait for a number of those reviews, so as not to be swayed by the writer's bias towards a particular genre or developer.

That said, Two Worlds "could" be fun. However, ambitious CRPG projects take a long time to make and a much longer time to perfect. So, I'm hopeful, but cautious on this one.

Lord Alex



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