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January 26th, 2007, 12:09
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
I would certainly agree,chamr, that anyone saying "Blizzard has never innovated at all." is talking some trash. The very term 'Diablo clone' now famous in the industry, has to say that.
Success is never a sign for innovation. The fact that the term "Diablo Clone" is nowadays often used to describe a certain type of game does not automatically mean that Blizzard were the first ones to come up with it. Take WoW for example. Without doubt WoW was not the first MMORPG, and certainly it was not very innovative. If you look at Everquest, Everquest 2, Asheron's Call, AC2, Anarchy Online, Ultima Online, and all the other games that went live before WoW then you have to realize that these games partly or in full possessed all the features that WoW has - in some aspects they surpassed them by far. Still, already today you can hear the term "WoW Clone."

Now, I guess we should not turn this into some kind of "Is/was Blizzard innovative?" debate, since that has also a bit to do with personal perspective or point of view. And, looking at the op, this wasn't the main question anyway… it was more about WoW being innovative or not.
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