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January 26th, 2007, 13:32
Well, what can I say… I smell one of the biggest rip offs ever. Pre-order begins in like 5 days, but the NDA is still active. So I'm supposed to order a game which I know nothing about (unless I've played the beta… but from all you hear you won't order anyway if you did).
Oh I can keep my characters from the open beta, plus the monthly fee is relatively cheap!!! There is even a lifetime membership of 199$. Tell you what. Turbine knows that they have a week product and now they are trying to get the most money out of it.
Apart from that the term lifetime membership is misleading. I seriously doubt that the LOTRO servers will run the next 100 years, and I also seriously doubt that Turbine would keep them running if I were the only one left playing, but had a lifetime membership.

Doing a stress test while the NDA is still active was a mistake. You can find a lot of insider info on all kind of message boards since the fileplanet stress test… and most of what you read there is not overly positive. Then again I have to ask myself why they have to keep the NDA active? If you have a strong product, you don't need an NDA 2 months before the game goes life…
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