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October 20th, 2006, 13:02
Originally Posted by Prime Junta View Post
I was experimenting with these tweaks, and found a weird glitch: I can't turn post-processing off. Or, rather, I can, and I get a massive frame rate boost -- but I also get some very major glitching with parts of the terrain becoming "transparent" with a different part of the map showing through as if seen from a quite a long way above. (I have a hunch the frame rate boost was simply due to large parts of the geometry not getting rendered at all, because of the glitch.) Any clues?
Exactly the kind of glitch I was reproducing when fiddling with the Far clipping
plane value. I think a few other values having to do with the replacement
thresholds for the low/high poly terrain meshes have to be tweaked also but
couldnt find a proper balance for higher/lower values…

It does that some times even with the Default ini settings AND with DOF on.
But it is momentary (if you take a step forward the missing part of the terrain
is loaded). Perhaps moving the Clipping plane even closer might solve this in
your case ?
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