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January 27th, 2007, 09:13
Originally Posted by Decado View Post
You can "unlearn" skills? I keep getting the feeling that this game is going to be so "newbie" friendly that it will turn out to be a bit of a joke.
Reincarnation mud style would be great. I havent seen or remember many rpgs that offered unlearn. Beyond divinity had it but it was totally screwed because they just made every skill so expensive that you were basicly forced to do it (which also costed a lot of money).

Also since they had unlearn they thought they were able to skip skill balancing which resulted with totally useless/worthless/stupid skills like one for each type of arrow (poison,slashing,ect). In the end the skillset looked like it was done by som 12-year old designing his first rpg.

Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
that's a good point. the last time I rode my bicycle I I forgot you had to have velocity to stay balanced so I used my extra life skill points to figure that out. unfortunately, it was taking up valuable points from my automobile skill and I needed to learn to fly a plane on my next life level and that requires a skill of 8 in auto. fortunately I took it back from bicycle and all was saved.
Thats exactly how I felt playing beyond divinity.
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