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January 27th, 2007, 12:59
Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
So? What do you expect them to do? Rewrite the offer so it says: 'Turbine guarantees that you will still be able to play this game in March 2107'? Dude, honestly, and I hate to ask you this, but do you maybe share some of the umm… "issues" with the guy that you're using as your avatar?
First of all: The Hoff is awsome. There can be no doubt about it. He brought us series like Knightrider and Baywatch, and united Germany pretty much on his own by performing his song "I've been looking for Freedom" on the Berlin wall.

Ok, now about LOTRO and the dubious lifetime offer. Usually I wouldn't mind a lifetime offer, it is in fact not a bad idea once you have an established product. This is however where LOTRO comes in. As I said, in my opinion Turbine has an extremly weak product and they want to get the most out of it as long as they can. I bet they hope that at least a few people will take the lifetime offer so they can get at least a bit money out of it. Ask yourself the following questions. If you have a strong product, and if you believe in the longevity of your product, why should you make such an offer? Honestly, I see absolutely no reason. In fact such an offer is counterproductive for a profit-oriented company, since the longer my product will run, the higher the chances will be that I'm losing money by such deals.
Another reason why I am sceptical is that the lifetime membership is an "Exclusive Founder's Offer" which seems to be available if you preorder now (which grants you a "Special Membership Pricing"). So far there is no indication that this payment method will be available AFTER the game went life.
But preordering now is a tricky thing while the NDA is still active. So far, players that were not part of the beta have no impressions other than screenshots and videos which are extremly unreliable. Even if you are in the beta right now, you don't know what the finished product will be like. I'm sure if you're asking the developers right now, they will promise all kinds of things that they will implement in the following weeks and months. But my experience as a mmorpg player tells me that there is a big discrepancy between what developers will say before and what they will say after you bought their product (just one of thousand examples is Blizzards promise that they would implement the possibility for European players to play on US servers and vice versa - a promise that Blizzard gave us over 2 years ago and has not yet been fulfilled).

Is this fraud? Nope, it's not… and I never said so. Does this sound very reputable? Sorry, but not from my point of view.
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