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January 27th, 2007, 16:50
Hmmm ---

I played the French demo --- and you really shouldn't go by what gamespot is saying. I'm pretty sure they didn't even understand what they needed to do….in order to advance the game…

However, I did, as I understand a little French (I was able to understand most of the french text and what I neded to do, or if I didn't understand the French text,
I could at least guess from the context what I as supposed to do.

And BTW, the game do NOT look that great (even compared to say NWN2). THe visuals are kind of rough egdy, but I liked this as this gives me the feeling that I'm actually playing a game, not seeing a movie.

I don't know what they have played in Silverfall, but if the only thing the ever did was to go out and kill monsters, then yes, Silverfall may not bring any new things
to them. But if they did talk to some people, and then did some quests, then their entire experience would be quite different. As mine was.

Then they would have discovered a great story combined with the gameplay of fast action paced rpgs. A story which required you to do quests - in order to progress in the game.

At a first look or on the surface, this game, Silverfall, could look like a Diablo clone, however, I find, that this game os so much more than that. If you look at the skill trees, yes, them seem at first glance similar to Diablo, but they are very different.
The weapons you can choose are veru different drom Diablo as well, and by that I mean that you actually can use firearms and such -- if you take points in technology.

Generally, I'm bit tired of this 'new stuff' idea which seems to be the measurement for all games these days: to they bring any new stuff to the rpg experience ??
If you look at say: KULT:heretic kingdoms, then this game didn't bring any new things to rpg experience. However, I found the game to be very enjoyable.

They executed, and by that I mean done or made, the ideas very well, in the game.
I mean just because a book is written about the same subject we all know and love, other books on that subject doesn't become invalid, no does it mean that
the book about the subject necessarily should contain new stuff e.g. romance stories are still being written.
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