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January 28th, 2007, 02:00
True. To make it a perfectly fair offer, they should lift the NDA ASAP and offer up an open (truly open - no BS restrictions) beta week(end) so everyone can get a chance to demo the game.

The way that it is now it's definitely a bit of a huge bargain for anyone who has not had a chance to play the game yet but for the typical MMO nut (I'm thinking about people who hop from game to game every few months and often resub to games that they have previously played) or hardcore LotR(O) fans, it still seems like a pretty good deal overall. Those people are bound to get their money's worth out of this offer eventually.

It's an interesting new(?) payment model at least and I'm hoping that something like this will be considered if and when SWG 2 should ever get made (no, not by you Sony - please don't even think about touching this licence ever again) .
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