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January 28th, 2007, 20:20
And then fly back up over the death message as the music changes? Yeah, that was pretty fantastic.

Dragon Age is (outsider view -- I haven't been on DA in more than a year, although my wife works on it) meant to be "realistic" in the sense that, yeah, there's magic, but we're not talking Eberron or Forgotten Realms, where the beggar still has a +1 dagger to defend himself with and the best smiths use dragonfire to power their forges. (That's an amalgam of two complaints, really -- "too much magic" in Eberron, with the trains and airships, and "everyone too powerful" in Faerun.)

From memory and without getting myself fired, the magic PCs will have access to includes powerful elemental magic (that will freak out the peasants who see it), but not, say, raising the dead or teleporting or, you know, any of the stuff that would easily break a computer game. Think Conan, but with the sorcerers SLIGHTLY less likely to be automatically evil, or "A Song of Ice and Fire" closer to book three than book one, and done in video-game format.

Again, I repeat, that's the view of the guy who hasn't been there for awhile. I don't THINK it's gonna be "All magic, all the time!" by the time it ships, but some of that could change, or I could just be blissfully wrong.

In BG2 (and PS:T, I think), my biggest aggravation wasn't having to raise people. They got rid of "lose a level of Con point when you die", so that was okay. No, it was having to re-equip the person who'd just died after they dropped all the heaps of equipment they'd been wearing and carrying.

If you want "realistic", you're far more likely to be knocked unconscious with a nonlethal wound than you are to be killed outright. And from a story standpoint, if you're trying to tell any kind of complex story that involves the followers (and DA is trying to do this in a big way), it's hard enough to do that without factoring in how many followers might have died because the PC was too cheap to spring for a resurrection.
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