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January 29th, 2007, 00:52
Blizzard isn't all that innovative, in most cases some small company invents it in some small game, and Blizzard copies it and makes it a standard. They are very good at combining the best features to make the most solid games. Warcraft was never "new" in any way - RPG elements in strategy games? Wasn't new, strategy games in general? Come on, there were dozens before WC1.

The term "diablo clone" comes from Diablo being the biggest, the game that set the standard, not by being the most innovative. Remember that innovative means first, it means to invent something. There were action RPGs before D1, there were strategy games long before WC1/Starcraft, and there were MMOs with all of WoWs features before WoW, but Blizzard still set the standard by combining all the greatest features(well, a lot at least) into one game, and making it a polished, solid product. That's what they're good at.

True innovation still exists of course, and there isn't any less now than before, but there has always been far inbetween good inventions. For every good invention, there are dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of poor ones.

Just like graphical operating systems - Microsoft weren't the innovative ones, they copied it and made it a standard.
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