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January 29th, 2007, 20:50
Just one thing. Man, that is really hard because there are at least four or five things I'd really like to see changed.

Like just a little more structure and guidance, so you don't end up standing somewhere wondering "What am I supposed to be doing?'; or having the original voices from G1 that we all know and love; more manually placed and less "random" loot, so you can't get one of the five best swords in the game in the first hour; or more loot chests in caves and dungeons instead of just laying around in the wilderness; and I really hate the way Orc's/Mercenaries, etc. just run off and disappear (sometimes with quest items) when you "free" cities.

But, if I had to choose just one thing to change, it would be how long slain monsters/animals just "lie around" after being killed. I mean, I can play for 10 hours and go back to where I was when I started playing and still have the things I killed lying around. Why?

I mean this has got to be needlessly using up processor power, or at the very least making my poor old video card tax itself drawing dozens of monsters that have been dead for days and have absolutely no reason for existing any longer. I really wonder how much of a shot in the arm the FPS would get if all dead monsters/animals disappeared after 24 or 36 "in game" hours.
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