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January 30th, 2007, 10:43
Originally Posted by Sorcha Ravenlock View Post
Mine came with the bonuspack incuded.

Yeah, I noticed that mine came with it too, like after I downloaded the pack!

This game uses so many things from Diablo, even down to the red buttons with the crosses, that I wouldnt consider it a clone. Fate is a full on Diablo tribute.

I couldnt help but notice that the big cat models are almost identical to the big cat models in World of Warcraft too, even down to their ambient breathing animation. Both kinds, the solid purplish one and the white tiger, tusks and all, pretty clear resemblance to the WoW cats

I cant believe some of the stuff I was fishing out of a lv17 pond last night. It was these legendary items one after another, I started thinking the game was bugged or something. It was funny in a way, because I needed fish for my pet, I was almost like "another damn legendary item!"

check some of these out (and what theyre worth), these were all caught in like a 10 minute span, no joke-







I went back and fished out a few more a little while later, look at that robe!-




Goes without saying, but I'll say it of course - fishing definitely pays!
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