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January 31st, 2007, 03:02
60% isn't a fail, but 2/5 = 40% is in a lot of cases. Grades are not divided by number of grades, but depends on the exam/subject. Often, you need 40%+ just to pass an exam, and might get a scale like this:
1-40% = F
40-55% = E
55-70% = D
70-85% = C
85-95% = B
95-100% = A

Sometimes the A is bigger, depends a lot on exam/subject/country/system etc, but I have yet to see a system where grades were evenly divided. There is no common standard for this, however, so you might see quite a few different systems. A grade doesn't really say a lot unless you know what kind of system the grade comes from (example: A lot of reviewers work on a 70-100% scale, where they never give lower than 70%).

Nice review, you make a lot of good points. I personally feel a lot of the extra modules should've been free, considering they already had great strongholds in Morrowind. The add-on is worthy of being an add-on though, but the game mechanics aren't changed so the flaws are still there.

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