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October 20th, 2006, 15:03
Taking a completely different tone to the last Neverend review, Just Adventure liked it and their critique scored a strong A- :
The core of Neverend is the exploration, interaction with non-player characters (NPC), and the acquisition of quests that are completed for rewards of experience, items, and money. A quest log keeps track of the quest, but does not keep track of the hints given to the antagonist at the time the quest is added to the log. The game player will need to take paper notes of the hints given at the time the quest is obtained. Some quests lead to other quests, the so called chain quests, while other quests are stand alone. The quest system is quite satisfactory and was a lot of fun. The quest system could have been better designed by putting the hints with the quests in the quest log. A very nice feature of the log is that quests completed are tracked in the log along with quests in progress. This is useful if you play the game through twice or with different characters so that the player does not get confused about fished quests and quests yet to come. There are well over one hundred quests.
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