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January 31st, 2007, 19:42
I have sadly never played the original Bard's Tale games either ---

However, I really had some high hopes for thisgame….

And I was very disappointed in it…

It was not just because of the save game points (I thought, at least, in computergames, these went away a long, long time ago), it was also because of the story, and the gameplay somewhat.

I mean, I hard a hard time getting a grasp on the controls of the game, the story so and so, and the bard's comments were, at least to me, not (very) humorous.

I did understand, btw, what Fargo wanted to do: create a main character which wasn't particularly interested in saving the world, but just wanted wein, weiber und gesang (or in English: wine, women and singing). THis, however was, imo, not very well done, especially since the Bard seemed to suffer from a focus on the - shall we just say --- more lower part of (body)life….

Not very funny….
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