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January 31st, 2007, 19:58
It's not that the Bard's attitude does not evoke some sort of sympathy for his plight or some amusement from his quips. But the one thing that would carry the game forward - the whole "forget about saving the world" premise - just doesn't get well executed at all, and drags his attitude with it. After a while not even the most humorous of comments can make you forget that he's complaining about something yet still doing it. Which would be somewhat like a character in a Dungeons and Dragons game complaining about all that number crunching and die rolling, then the player has to go and roll dies and min/max his character anyway.

I have to agree with txa1265 that it may be difficult to provide a context wherein the genre's staples can be thoroughly deconstructed while looking at them in a humorous angle, but I'd expect Fargo to have some experience in videogames - or at least did some research into games which may have pulled it off - to not let it go to waste here.

The real stinker I'm afraid, is that I can't seem to get rid of the game. No store seems interested in buying it off me, and I'm not too confident about selling it through Amazon.uk. At least I bought it second hand - Dhruin was somewhat right when he mentioned discount aisles
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