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October 20th, 2006, 15:51
I also disagree

Bethesda can't be accused of arrogance and ignorance - just look at their past games for examples of bug-ridden experiences. However Oblivion is by far the most polished and bug free product they've ever produced. Of course it's not perfect, but G3 suffers from the same thing - it's just so darn ambitious. If you have twice the content you probably need four times the testing to get to the same level of polish.

Market penetration before christmas is hugely important for publishers - Oblivion only got away with delaying a planned release at a similar time of year last year because they publish their own work. Very few developers have that luxury.

However, now that the cash is returning to the publishers the developers will have the freedom to work on polishing up the game experience. I'm afraid that's always going to be the way to a certain extent, unless we are willing to start paying in full for games a few months before they're released.
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