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January 31st, 2007, 22:36
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
Try to find the site in Google´s cache or archive.org. Maybe the links page has been mirrored.
No, it was a little private forum, hosted by a friend. I knew he had problems with the forum-provider, but now the forum has dissapeared completely.

I have no idea if he has a backup of the forum posts, and if and when he will put up a new forum, I haven't been able to reach him yet.

Originally Posted by gaboru93 View Post
No problem!! yes i was interested in a list of freebies. (u said u had links and stuff) then i didn't understant that thing with 'can't use anywhere' Thanks
Okay, I see I've put up some links earlier on, have a look at those to start with

As for not being allowed to use the meshes and textures in other places:

Basically, most artists put up freebies either to get you to buy their other work, or to create a port-folio in the hope to move on to a job in 3D art.

I used to mod for Morrowind, and it happened there that people started taking things from Daz artists and converting it into the Morrowind engine, things like hairstyles, but I've also seen whole buildings. They did this without asking permission from the original artist, sometimes even claiming this as their own work. Doing this with free stuff is immoral, doing it with the actual buyable items is illegal, and Daz will take action in that case.

I just put that up as a disclaimer so people know they can use this stuff freely in Daz Sudio or in poser (and you can do with your renders what you want, even sell them) but you are not allowed to redistribute the actual 3D content, as is or converted for a particular game engine.
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