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February 1st, 2007, 00:02
Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
Actually its quite the opposite. Discovering all the superb rpgs on consoles that I had never heard off was quite an eye opener for me. Final fantasy / chrono series for instance has been voted the best rpgs of all times. I always skipped rpgs like that because "they were console rpgs". But now after actually trying them myself Im discovering this huge cache of great rpgs that I have never heard of. Its a treasure chest really.
That is what I've been doing through handhelds - I've played Final Fantasy I - IV … haven't gotten V yet, but VI is out next week and might give that a go, as I've heard really good things. But they are of a specific style that doesn't suite many fans of cRPGs, whereas things like Neverend are closer to our tradition.
-- Mike
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