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February 1st, 2007, 03:54
In Canada for me it was
E =00-49%
D =50-59%
C- =60-64%
C =65-70%
C+ =61-75%
B =76-85%
A =86-100%
A+ =>100%

When I came to the US I was weirded out
F =0-49%
E? =50-59%? (never got one)
D =60?-69%
C =70-79% GPA 2.00
B =80-89% GPA 3.00
A =90-100% GPA 4.00

The assignments I noticed were a lot easier and the scores were given out more liberally but then I discovered the grading system only after the first semester. So let's say I was little disappointed.

currently at my new University I got a B- but disocvered it ultimately meant a 2.70 GPA. So I thought I really got a C and they were being nice. It turns out I had 80% which means I earned it but they gave me the same GPA as a C student at the community college. Blah.

oh..before I forget that looks to be a perfect review.
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