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February 1st, 2007, 05:35
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
I have to say the fanbase turns me off quite a bit. They are not happy unless they're destroying anything that isn't Fallout. And they use Fallout as a crutch. which to base everything else. They seem to be most fixated on the baser side of the game as well.

The devs noticed as well which is one of the reasons they stopped reading their own forums in many cases. Many of them have been turned off in that no matter what kind of game they make this fanbase will give them bad, bad press.
These and many more predictable recycled arguments to be debunked in the coming week!

Man, I love free advertisments.

Yeah, we totally never had good dev interaction! Did you even read the article the newspost linked to or did you just decide to comment out of the blue?

Your shock that a Fallout fansite would put other games below the game they are dedicated to is understandeable, though. Jeesh, talk about peripheral vision.
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