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February 1st, 2007, 12:51
"your accusations are still totally unfounded and paranoid it's outright silly of you to imply….."
I would agree except I obviously didn't say or imply this was their sole existance, so your accusations of paranoia are based on confusion or paranoia.

"First of all,…..you're good to go."
Yes, you are correct and I agree with you, but the fact remains many (ok maybe just a few ) people would like to join these boards legitamatly which means providing credit cards, in most cases.
Now credit card info is very revealing in the since carders whom steal or buy database files have a very good chance of idenity theft, so the more data bases you have your info listed in the greater the odds you will be idenity duped and this is not good.

" Secondly,………….called K-Files (KGN)). "
Yes you are right, though I have seen 24 hour deals before (can't recall recently) mostly in other generes and most legit sites comply if it's a legally binding sort of deal.
Obviously underground sites and BT provide them without a second thought, but most people don't use BT nor do many experiened people since being on BT downloading exposes your IP and to many different p2p hacks, proabably at least hundreds of watchers whom gather IP addys.

"I really don't see where the problem is. At least with demos."
Right, afai intended, I was responding to Jabberwocky's frustration at attemping to regester on a site that does intentionaly try to exploit to get paying customers on there site.
Now if you don't agree with my example of trying to regester my name, it's fine with me I certianly take no offense, but also you didn't really provide any info discrediting my example, either.

Hehe, the more time I spend in this thread the more I think I will try this new English verison, since I am seeing the quest are actually tied to a story which is one the most important keys to me being able to enjoy a game, even though I mostly avoid hacknslash, so thanks to eveyone posting their reviews here.
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