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February 1st, 2007, 23:08
Originally Posted by Cormac View Post
But why does the Codex care about ME at all ? It's a console action game with some rpg elements.
The same argument could be made about other titles that were eventually released for the PC and covered across several gaming sites.

Everybody already knows that Bio are masters of bullshit PR, from the good doctors themselves to the developers, and who takes IGN and similar sites seriously, anyway ? Why give a fuck ?
Why care about the dichotomies between the perception a high-profile CRPG developer creates and the final result? I don't know. I thought it may have some relevance to those interested in the CRPG industry, but maybe I'm looking too much into it.

It just astonishes me that the Codex and VD spend so much time and energy 'covering' the game
I hardly think one parody and a handful of news items about design elements which may be seen as an improvement to the genre took that much time and energy.

especially since you all pretend so forcefully that such products are the exact examples of what you think is wrong about gaming.
I always thought I had legitimate concerns about mainstream CRPGs and how they may affect several aspects of gaming - turns out I was faking it all the time! Why thank you random internet poster with a Simpsons avatar!

It strikes me therefore as pathetic and idiotic.
Thanks for sharing. You'll find we welcome all opinions - including Chris Prestly, who found it amusing.

Some at the codex have also expressed negative views and yes, I know your answer: there's no real rpg coming out anymore, so what's left to post about ? Well that's not entirely true, and if you do believe it why dont you just call it quits ?
You tell me, since you seem to be able to divine everything we're thinking and are an authority on everything we say over there.
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