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February 1st, 2007, 23:09
^Exactly, just take it as a bit of light-hearted fun in an editorial, folks. You'd only complain anyway if we took it all too seriously and just made grumpy complaints!

Originally Posted by Cormac View Post
But why does the Codex care about ME at all ? It's a console action game with some rpg elements. Everybody already knows that Bio are masters of bullshit PR, from the good doctors themselves to the developers, and who takes IGN and similar sites seriously, anyway ? Why give a fuck ? Just post that ME is coming out in 2007 or 2008 (for the closet console codexers who'll actually run out and buy it) and move on. It just astonishes me that the Codex and VD spend so much time and energy 'covering' the game, especially since you all pretend so forcefully that such products are the exact examples of what you think is wrong about gaming. It strikes me therefore as pathetic and idiotic. Some at the codex have also expressed negative views and yes, I know your answer: there's no real rpg coming out anymore, so what's left to post about ? Well that's not entirely true, and if you do believe it why dont you just call it quits ?
Your avatar is bizarrely appropriate. Am I missing that you post as a/in character? If VD was kicking your door down and writing this on your bedroom wall with magic markers I'd agree with all the hate, but come on, that's a bit of a grudge you're harboring there. They cover the game for many reasons. One of those is to comment on the state of the industry and what titles there are out there in release state or development. There are loads of places that do a great job of getting news links and keeping it straight - the old Dot (RIP) and this shiny new place for instance - and there's no reason to make a plain copy of that if it works so well. The Codex was always more about putting commentary and a personal spin on things and having fun along the way instead, rather than just getting news when someone else is already doing that job. You might not like it, others do. The main thing to realise is that they do it and keep going there because they do like games, especially RPGs and many have liked them before a lot of the kiddies playing them now were even born. They are passionate about games and the medium (or art form if you like). Passions are strong feelings that can sway one way or the other. If they didn't care about the games, they wouldn't be there. We all express our love and passion in different ways and the internet lets us all do that in our own ways.

It's worth remembering that Fable and KotOR were also announced as "Xbox exclusive" games, but were later released for the PC anyway. I wouldn't totally dismiss it just yet.
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