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February 1st, 2007, 23:12
Cormac and Moriendor it's my sad duty to tell you guys that you won't have a future in comedy. More to the point your irony sucks.

Having said that it's important to notice that just a few days ago the editor of Gamespy wrote:

I need to this to be good, not just because I've wanted this for years, but because it'll make the "No Mutants Allowed" crowd heads explode. Anything that ticks off Fallout fans makes me happy.
It's important to notice that at the same time NMA continues to have a steady influx of trolls. Actually since Bethesda anounced Fallout3 we had a Ddos attack by people from Something Awfull, a troll invasion by people from Penny Arcade, a dev moking us on SA, and a guy who was only known for his rants against Fallout fans to be hired as a tester by Bethesda, just to climb in a year to assistant producer.

So examining the causes of this context and the implications of this trend, while deconstructing the anti Fallout fan speech and the motivations behind it seems a good start at a point when Bethesda is getting ready to show the game and strong discussions are coming up.

Just because you kids like to conform and be happy with reality show jokes, dwelling in your acephalia with an idiot smile that does not mean the rest of the world has to be like that. Not yet, at least.
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