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October 20th, 2006, 17:29
G3 is definitely worth playing. I played through Gothic 1 and then G2 Gold for the first time over the past few months (and I browsed the old Gothic forums extensively to deal with all the weird problems that cropped up in those two games) and I feel extremely lucky that Gothic 3 should come out a mere month after I first finished playing those amazing games, both of which, despite a fair amount of bugginess, are the most entertaining rpgs I've seen. I received my copy of Gothic 3 from the UK a few days ago and, after experiencing some of the issues that have been mentioned (mainly the potentially epileptic-fit inducing white flashing and the occasional game freeze) I changed a few graphics settings based on info in the Gothic tweaks thread on this forum (many thanks to you tech savvy folk!) and now it looks beautiful and both the flashing and the freezing seem to have stopped. I think I'm going to invest in some more RAM to make it even better, which is probably a good idea in general since so many newer games are demanding more resources. As far as game play, there's a bunch of issues: I agree that the boars are a bit too tough, and getting "stunlocked" by them (or anything) is no fun at all, but I finally managed to kill a couple of them with arrows and then a few slashes of the blade as they closed in on me, and I was only level 6 in leather armor without any skillpoints trained. I was kind of upset at first by the fact that there is only jumping and no climbing, and that there were so many generic NPC's around who don't even look at you when they're talking to you, and that the orcs look different… oh, and I miss the old style lock picking as well (but not that much, since that was a sort of love/hate thing for me). The voices were also a bit disconcerting at first; I mean, I was upset by the switch in Diego's voice between the first two games, and now the hero has a different voice as well?!? and he seems to have gotten a haircut while on the boat… waaaah! I also feel strange using the mouse so much, I got really used to the old combat controls and I miss them as well. All that nit-picking aside, it's beautiful and lots of fun, and I'm really jonesing to get out of work and go play it some more. I've got 70 skill points to spend!
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