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February 1st, 2007, 23:22
Originally Posted by Cormac View Post
I stand corrected. Attacked by trolls, a ddos attack, mocked by some guy, an old enemy who's now on the F3 team, yes you guys are the shit.
Ugh. Reading problem much?
"Seriously, why do people say things like "you people think it's way too important" or "big deal" or "stop pretending it matters". Such remarks are meaningless, they will never add anything to any discussion.

Hmmm…Very post-modernist I guess. The remarks and thoughts may be true, but they have no practical value or consequences whatsoever. Barking into the wind, I guess?"

Arguments based on your perceived valuelessness of the object of the argument are…well…inherently incorrect.

Originally Posted by Cormac View Post
I dont really give a shit about F3, actually. Unlike you guys.
'k. Thanks for your opinion, it's really valuable to us, Mr. Intended Audience!
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