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February 2nd, 2007, 00:26
Cormac you care! That's wonderfull! You keep coming back a lot for someone that doesn't give a shit, so you must care! How wonderfull, let's all sing around the fireplace now!

And Moriendor it's always sad to watch people get totally disconnected from reality trying to argument on a forum discussion. Wait no it isn't, it's just pathetic. In reality people have to back their points with valid arguments and insightful remarks, giving a meaning to the discussion instead of going on wild tangents and braindead remarks. You sir suck at reality.

Are these two creatures representative of the CRPG crowd as a whole? Full of wind and lacking any consistency, any soul? No, they are just a part of it. It would be interesting to have an article on CRPG fans in general, you guys from RPGWatch should seriously consider the task.

Edit: Moriendor don't think for a second you have any moral high ground to order me to have a life. I'm a happily married father of two 35 five years old guy who didn't said a word on those that showed criticisms on the Fallout fans in the first posts of this topic, you were the one with the "holier than though" attitude and you are the looser that couldn't argument properly until a point where you start with the "everything is subjective" crap that school kids may use, but as an escape argument hurts anyone with half a brain.

You definitely need to get a life quickly, instead of amusing the grown ups.
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