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February 2nd, 2007, 01:27
Generally, to me ME is the big seller that hopefully will help to pay for the
development of more traditional RPGs like Dragon Age.

I certainly understand why the Codex are worried about the dialoque system in
ME (as it, taken at face value, looks equal to the dialoque wheel used in Oblivion).

I think it was either David Gaider (or Patrick from Bioware) that answered me, when I asked him if, in ME, you couldn't ask some questions if you hadn't go
points enough on Intelligence or Wisdom or Speechcraft or abilities similar to these.
And from what I seem to recall, the answer was an 'astounding yes.' This means, that you won't be able to get all information if you don't have high INT or WIS
(or whatever is equivalent to these in ME).

I also feel compelled to say that just because something looks equal or similar doesn't mean that it (necessarily) works the same way in other games.
In Oblivion, there is sort of a mine-game, you need to play. In ME, it seems,
at least to me, that you will get to choose what you're going to say from a list of about 4-8 or even more options.

The only difference between this dialoque system and the written skill tree dialoque is that you use the headline of what you're going to say, and then
the game's character(s) acts your preferred choice out before your very eyes.

I sincerely hope that this will do away with the D&D dialoque system where you just had three basic options, 1)good, 2) bad and 3) evil. I hope that ME's dialoque system will provide gamers access to more complex choices than just the options, used in D&D.

I also think that the whole uproar boils down to the fact that we only have seen the 'gung ho' commander Shephard in action in the gameplay vids. This appeals to
a certain type of gamer; the kind of kids, i.e. young boys from 16-20, that I teach.
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