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February 2nd, 2007, 02:56
Personally, I liked Fallout: Tactics. It was a bit of a tactical team combat game set in the Fallout universe. I really had to think, plan ahead and play both strategically and tactically to do the missions or quests in the game.

Sometimes I go to the NMA webiste --- but I'm sad to say --- leave in a hurry again.
To me, clear it is, that NMA basically wants the same gameplay as in FO1 and FO2.
Maybe they will agree to updated graphics, and the use of a PhysX engine in the game, but they still want their turnbased combat and the other things in FO1 and FO2. However, this isn't a realistic approach in today's competetive market.

I concur & agree that FO1&FO2 were great games, when they were released a decade ago, but if they were released to day…well, I just don't think they quite are going to cut it (or make it through) in today's market. Certainly not with the stark competition from FPS games like Prey, Farscape, Halo 1+2 or even HalfLife, Counter-Strike and Touch Detective for Nintendo DS Lite. Many more games are being released today than 10 years ago; this means taht you really really have to, as a developer/publisher, to stay ahead, and gain more info, data and knowledge and knowhow all the time, to keep making games, people actually are going to buy.

This is maybe a bit of topic, but it seems that there are some great adventure games out there for the Nintendo DS, so I don't really thet the whole console vs.
pc war. The main thing is that people play adventure or rpg games, then, in principle, it really doesn't matter on what console they play these games…

As a sidenote, I went to my local EB Games shop today, and looked at some XBOX 360 titles. There were, in fact 1 or 2 games, I probably would enjoy playing. Same were true for Nintendo DS…
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