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February 2nd, 2007, 13:48
So for the record I really liked FO and FO2, though I am not an isometric view or TB Only fan.
It's not impossible to create a good roleplaying experience with a first-person real-time game, nobody's made that claim. The problem is that fans don't want a Fallout sequel that isn't isometric and turn-based. What's the point in doing it otherwise? That it is isometric and turn-based is part of why people loved the games, and if you change that part of the formula it doesn't feel like a Fallout game anymore.

Iso-TB and FP-RT are distinct experiences, and while one can argue that the one is superior to the other, there's no point in changing the fundamental feel of an established franchise. The only conceivable reason is to try and garner more fans, and historically that method has failed almost every single time.




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