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February 2nd, 2007, 15:52
There is nothing wrong with the good, bad or neutral of the D&D games. However, in the PnP D&D games, the DM can throw in a little more depth and some harder choices which kind of greys thie choices more out. It is not so blatantly obvious (imo) what is the good, the bad, and the neutral responsein PnP games as it seems to be in Crpgs. (At least not in in the crpgs games I've played).

In the long run, at least to me, this is getting a little tiresome. I know, just from looking at the start in the sentence I'm choosing what will be the evil, good or neutral response. Lately, I'll just pick the option I want, and then scroll or click my way through the text. Maybe this is a function of the journal, since everything of value that I need to know is getting stored in my journal.

There seems to be no real consequence for me or my party if I choose the evil response over the good response. The game just seems to progress either way.
I hear they have changed this in NWN2, but I'm not that into NWN2, so I haven't yet experienced this.

And, yes, Planescape:Torment, did this stuff, afaik, if you had a hig INT or WIS, which meant that you would gain insigt as to whether people were lying to you
or not. Some conversation lines were also closed, if you didn't a high enough

However, as I see it, this has nothing do with choosing neutral, good or bad responses, but has everything to do with gaining a consequence for putting
ability points into WIS or INT, which means that what you choose to has an
actual bearing on how the game unfolds or plays out during the game.

Iirc, if you choose the evil response in say BG1, you don't get a different ending than if you choose the good response. The same goes for IWD 1+IWD2 +
KOTOR1 (I think) + NWN1. As I said above, no real consequence, there seems to be…
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