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February 2nd, 2007, 17:49
"In the long run, at least to me, this is getting a little tiresome."
Ok thats clear.
For me if there are going to be choices I want them clear, as nothing irritates me more than to be RPing an pick what seems to be a good or neutral response and getting hit with an Evil alinment hit I hate being tricked or mislead, since I was the one intending to speak a line as good or snarky but not in an Evil way sucks to me, though others may feel differently.

"this has nothing do with choosing neutral, good or bad responses,"
Your right of course but I really meant it as a way to provide addtional flexablity in dialogues which seems a possible solution to both problems, having something defined but also addtional options for those looking for more risky/diverse choices, was just a thought.

"Iirc, if you choose the evil response in say BG1"
Heh, it's been so long for me I barley even remember the fight but I think your right, basicly you are forced to kill him or defend yourself how ever it's presented, iirc.
Now KotOR did have a differnt evil ending iirc but I never played it.

"a great place to vent."
Venting is good, ummm pizza!
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