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February 2nd, 2007, 21:34
I'm having problems with looting houses and chests. I've been playing for some time now, and I'm still not sure how stealing works in G3. Yes, I've accepted the fact that when you loot a chest, everyone will suspect you even if no one has seen you, but still there is something I don't understand. I have the skill that lets me talk my way out of trouble ("It's not what you think!" ). The problem is, it doesn't really work. I thought that when the hero is confronted about things going missing in a city for the first time, he will automatically say "I don't know anything about that" and on the next occasion you will get those dialog options (Bribe? Does that even work at all?!). That used to happen to me. Now I know that it not always works that way. Huh.

I stole a few things in Geldern (Couldn't say no to a locked door… ahh, good old days. ) and now I'm in a no-win situation. When I come near an orc, I'm confronted about the stolen stuff and I have to choose one of the three options. 1) Bribe, of course doesn't work. I've never seen it work. 2) Explaining myself - they don't believe me. Actually, this skill worked for me only once in the game. Why? Does it have to do with the level of my "thieving" skills? Or with the amount of things that I've stolen? 3) Provocation. I've read a few times that you can use this, and everyone around you will think that this is just a fight between you and the other person. Really? Heh, the last time I tried it, I liberated a city! When I provoke the accuser and we start fighting, everone joins in. The best outcome I can get, is when I provoke and lure the orc out of the city, and then beat him up. But strangely enough I cannot use the spell to make him forget. And the status of everyone in the city turns from "white" to "orange". Of course, that doesn't really change anything since you can't lose reputation, but I would have to live with the fact that everyone knows that I did something wrong. Why is everyone so omniscient in this game? At the moment I'm sneaking around the city - heh, I've even sneaked past the guards to get out of town! I used Geldern as an example here, but this happened to me before in another place.

My question is, how can I get away with my evil crimes? What am I doing wrong? Ideas? Comments?
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