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February 3rd, 2007, 01:10
Originally Posted by Kharn View Post
These and many more predictable recycled arguments to be debunked in the coming week!

Yeah, we totally never had good dev interaction! Did you even read the article the newspost linked to or did you just decide to comment out of the blue?

Your shock that a Fallout fansite would put other games below the game they are dedicated to is understandeable, though. Jeesh, talk about peripheral vision.
I apologize you are correct I hadn't actually read the article. I was commenting on how annoyed I had become with this particular niche.

The reason I didn't read the article is too often I have gone to the NMA site only to wish I hadn't. Those stupid cartoons of yours for instance.

So, I just finished reading the article now however, and after re-reading my own comments I still stand by them.

The lack of dev interaction I was referring to to was the comments from some of the devs themselves saying they stopped reading their own forums. That wasn't everyone of course.

I'm a fan of Fallout and enjoyed it immensely. These are hardly "myths" as you say. It might make you feel better to say that and if that's what you want, be my guest.

These are my observations as I've followed the game and the reactions over the years. I'm sorry to say they've earned reputation as its perceived. That's the way I see it. If I'm wrong why is this "mini-flame war" even going on?

To tell you the truth it was the hijacking of the top RPG list over at the .dot that I discovered this community in the first place. Either DaC or your NMA linked to it and it was the first time I saw the place.

It's not impossible to create a good roleplaying experience with a first-person real-time game, nobody's made that claim. The problem is that fans don't want a Fallout sequel that isn't isometric and turn-based.
you forgot the word some before the word fans there.

if you change that part of the formula it doesn't feel like a Fallout game anymore.
so you say. the fact that Fallout was so different from Wasteland did that stop it from keeping the same spirit? I said before the shots from Fo3 looked like they were recycling. Let's get this game up to the times. I tried playing FO2 again last year..its tedius and out of date.

That's all I'm going to say for now. And me without my Stimpack.

Hmm..how would a "History of the RPGDot/RPGWatch Regulars" article go over?
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