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February 3rd, 2007, 02:44
From my experience w/ building NWN MP I'm wondering what this really means?

Does thousands of players mean there will be a single (set of) company supported servers that players will log into, like as set of rooms, or will players set up their own servers.

Tweaking it from 8 to 1000's must have been very simple for them for a large game like this at this stage. Otherwise it would be a nuts idea and I don't blame some of you for being concerned.

The three types of game design for RPG's are SP, MP Single-Party, and MP Multi-Party which is the type you'd need for PW's.

They design very differently. IE. A quest log entry would be given to a Single Player only without concern for a Party in SP. You wouldn't need to look for anyone in the group. Or you would gave it to the Player as if he were a group of one.

In Single Party that same quest would go to the entire group because you have to account for everyone. An individual would get it regardless because its based on Party Quests which everyone should be assumed at the same point.

Multi-Party MP must revert back to the individual players in the party or it just gets screwed up. Converting from Single-Party MP to Multi-Party MP is what concerns me if that is how it was designed.

Now, they are saying the individuals must compete for the same quests in such a state. This tells you something. Probably it was designed for Single-Party. And so quite possibly multiple parties sound like they can break each others quests.

I'm not overly worried about this and I like the idea of MP in such a large world. I would have played Morrowind a lot longer if it Multiplayer for example. I mean..it just got boring.
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