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February 3rd, 2007, 05:56
"My guess would be that it is or was the multiplayer dev team"
Ahh that's something of a relief to know they proabably have two teams, so I won't write it off atm, thanks.

Yes count me in the SP only for the most part, now if they have cooked up some kickass Coop like NWN's series or the dreded DL (could have been), then I may jump in and give it a try.
It seems to me they are actually tryiing to accoplish something similar to Guild Wars, with this added MMOG mode (?).
This has some massive potienal but as so many others in this thread have voiced scepticism, I agree.
This is a hell of a lot to accomplish, as a matter of fact I can't recall ever seeing all this accomplished before, so I wish them luck cause who wouldn't want another good RPG to play.
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