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February 3rd, 2007, 06:26
Originally Posted by hordespawn View Post
Why would you claim to be a fan of something and then want it to be something else?
I think you're making wrong use of the term "fan". I really, really don't want to start another or continue the flame war from earlier (really, I don't ) but the people that you are probably referring to (regulars at RPGCodex and NMA) are not Fallout fans. The people that you are referring to are completely obsessed with Fallout (and not in a good way if I may add). Obsession does not equal fandom.

Let me give you an example of fandom. Me. I'd consider myself a pretty big fan of the original Realms of Arkania trilogy that came to an end with Shadows over Riva in 1996. Ever since then there have been three attempts at games in the same world and setting (LMK, Armalion -both of which were cancelled- and Drakensang which is currently WIP).

I was kind of disappointed (especially with the first two, LMK and Armalion) to find out that all of those games would not continue in the tradition of the original trilogy but on the other hand, I was really happy that I would be able to return to this great virtual world (Aventuria) at all. I mean how awesome is that? They (licence holder Fanpro) could have just said 'ah feck it' and it looked like they did for a looong, looong time after Armalion was cancelled but then finally after years of waiting and hoping Drakensang was announced.

Sure, Drakensang is going to be completely different from the original RoA games but still… I'm perfectly able to accept that the developers have to make certain changes and compromises to turn the game into a (mainstream) success. Times are changing. It's a natural progression. Begging for an "old sk00l" Realms of Arkania experience would be right on par with begging for black and white TV to return. Ain't gonna happen. Period.

That's why I'm keeping an open mind about Drakensang. Of course, it might turn out that I don't like the game. Maybe they're going to screw up the design in some way or another but that risk is associated with any game. We'll see about that.

Drakensang will be giving me the opportunity to revisit a virtual world and setting that I like a lot. I'm looking forward to it. Gameplay or perspective changes don't matter to me as long as the game is fun. Which I hope it will be.
I'm also one of those strange people who really enjoyed C&C Renegade. As a first person shooter it was radically different from the C&C RTS series, of course, but still… it was great fun to play a different game in the same world and setting. I didn't have a problem with that at all and never felt the need to spew forth endless amounts of crap and hate at the developers of Renegade or -now- Drakensang.

Maybe because I'm a fan and not pathologically obsessed like certain other people(?)
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