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February 3rd, 2007, 07:46
"nobody's made that claim."
Right, I was just sharing my personal, open to “all views” preference.

"The problem is that fans don't want a Fallout sequel that isn't isometric and turn-based."
Well that maybe true and justified for many or even most Fallout fans.
I would wager however that, if say Troika had decided to make a more variable view game, for instance with a cam similar to NWN2 to allow personal preferences of perspective views, to maybe see new and improved graphics or whatever, it wouldn't have an negative effect, even to the fans whom only want an Iso view.
I also submit that allowing choice of play style is part of the core philosophy which makes Fallout series standout above other games.

"What's the point in doing it otherwise…..oesn't feel like a Fallout game anymore."
Percepually sound but as I just mentioned above not accurate 100% of the time and is why I listed various other view possiblity choice without effect and reasons why these personal choices could exist in harmony with your view.

"Iso-TB and FP-RT are distinct experiences….."
True and as you mentioned there is no point to change fundementals, but there are ways to enhance the original feel or concepts by allowing choice which does bring more fans and personally I have no objections and actually encouage devs to actually retain core princapale but provide more choices, since smaller nitch titles are hard to sustain without new fans, otherwise the whole concept can be killed off, until someone else trys to pickup where others failed to get the proper balance to continue to survive.

"And this is why I believe Fallout fans (the majority of them anyways) seem to be very skeptical of Bethesda when they say that FO3"
I sure hope you don't think just because we are a little more open to enhancing Fallout, suggest we support Bethseda, good lord you are in the wrong forums if you think "we think" Bethseda is going to do justice to Fallout.

Bethseda has had to actually hire an outside wirter to actually create the one of the better questlines they have ever had, the Dark Brotherhood.
Personaly if I had to choose I of all the quests I like the Thief guild quest the best.
Hell PB's worst quest (I haven't a clue what that is, since I like them all) would still be better than most anything if not all Bethseda's quests.
The only positive things I have been able to say about this situation is the Editor and Character Creation. I personally think more choices is a good thing.
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