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February 3rd, 2007, 08:37
From my point of view this is nothing personal, I like you txa1265 and xSamhainx I know we can have an adult conversation about this and I will do my best.

"Neither did you, quite frankly"
I disagree completely I am going out of my way to provide specific examples, though I am glad you agree with about Sammy.

"alarmist rhetoric short on detail and long on innuendo."
Give me an example.

"'Unbiased news' is a myth"
That's not an example that’s a rationalization, since you didn't say “name an unbiased news source“ (which I already did) or “name another one”.
Are you saying the Columbia School of Journalism is biased and not one of the most respected organizations?
I will be shocked if this is so, since you are a journalist.

" but it appears that you are clearly in the 'left wing = good, right wing = evil' camp. Oh that life were so simple ."
Once again this is baseless without some sort of verifiable "at least possibility” of what your saying could be true.
Not only are you intentionally skipping past the facts, but you’re making whole cloth assumptions based on your bias.

Personally I think what your saying/implying is nonsense, I have lots of respect for the opinions of Conservatives.
Let me pose another question, which of course you’re free to ignore also.
If the most extensive study of fascist countries to date, listing all the common denominators implicated corrupt democrats, would it matter to you?

"Oh that life were so simple "
Facts and accuracies are simple, I am perfectly willing to learn and certainly willing to address any of you points based on merit, but you haven't said anything but generalizations.

What is not accurate about what I said specifically?
I have already stated I was incorrect not only that I was the one whom caught my own error, so you dancing around doing the jig saying it's not so simple, what isn't simple?

Besides the fact it's not like most of this is my opinion, your the one whom states there are no nonbiased news sources but yet the international community disagrees with you, since there is an actual "Accuracy of News" international study that ranks the news accuracy in each country every year.
Maybe you missed this?

So the point is I can name the most accurate news in the world and it won't be my opinion and if you jump on here saying "OMG teh Can't be True it's Bias" without a single "even close to accurate" statement, backing that assumption up, then you are the one you should be looking at.

"My connection has been exceedingly hectic lately and I'm finding I can't download the demo. Too bad. Maybe some other time"
I posted a link in the other Silverfall demo thread which is free with regestration allowing capped at 500k download,
Good download site fast and timely posting of files.
Trust me, most of the names I have been called you can't translate in any language…they're not even real words as much as a succession of violent images.
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