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February 3rd, 2007, 15:13
Anyway, apart from the interesting discussion about gaming sites and their
identity requirements, I downloaded the English demo of Silverfall from Gamespot.

There seems to be some troubles with this demo/game that I overlooked at first:

I still by my initial post concerning this game: It is a very fun game, it takes a fresh & innovative approach in the story arc and in the gameplay --- not so much, but it doesn't a better job than say Diablo, I think. I still do also stand on my point that visuals & graphics aren't everything. and that in this game, the story elements
quickly let you forgot the presentation. (I'm saying this since for some the game's visuals and graphics might be a turn off; it wasn't for me, however).

Now for the more critical or concernable aspects of the game:

I'm having a hard time moving around, but it's getting better (I think).
I have a hard time finding people. Yes, there are blue dots on the map,
but this really means, at least for me, running around in circles in the camp,
every time, I have to find say the blacksmith. Not FUN! (at least to me).
On the other hand, it does get me all over the campsite….

The interface is pretty good, except for one thing, which irritates……me a great deal. You can't pick a quest in say 'your secondary quest' and then go straight to the map to see where it is. You have to close your map, (for the present quest), then open the secondary quest log, then choose another quest in there, then
open up your map again. Not FUN!

Character developmemt in terms of abilities, and skills are still great, while it takes some time to be used to the game's interface (or UI, for short). The side quests are a lot deeper than any sidequests in Diablo ever was, and the main quest well, is a good and well-written than any other rpg out there.

I'll still gladly recommend this game…
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