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February 3rd, 2007, 20:52
Originally Posted by Stormwaltz View Post
As someone who shipped three MMORPG titles, allow me to assure you all that making an MMORPG balanced and cheat-free is the easiest job in the world, and I have every confidence that Two Worlds can accomplish this in the extra couple of months they had at the end of their schedule.

Good one . But in reality I believe that they have made this decision months/years ago already. If you look at the news history of Two Worlds then you can see that they have revealed bits of info about the game on every Friday for the past 3 weeks (plus they've released some renders in early January). On January 19, they revealed some features of the magic system. On January 26 they announced a delay of the game to May. And now this multiplayer announcement on February 2. Sounds like the marketing department is at work here. They've probably worked on those "new" multiplayer features for months already and are just revealing it now for publicity reasons.
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