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February 3rd, 2007, 22:52
FiringSquad: What are the dev team's favorite new monsters in the expansion?

Mark Nelson: There are so many, it's hard to choose. The Scalon is one of my new favorites. They're large, hulking, amphibious creatures that can really startle you. It doesn't hurt that they have the ability to become invisible when they are about to jump out and attack.
so he already knows there will be new monsters? Why didn't he ask if there were any new monsters before asking this question.

I hate to sound paranoid this interview sounds a bit like Bethsoft wrote their own questions before answering them.


FiringSquad: Will the art style of Shivering Isles be radically different than the original game?

Mark Nelson: Absolutely. We always want the player to know that he's playing in the expansion material. The Shivering Isles has a very different feel. It's much less of a traditional medieval fantasy look, and has more of an exotic feel.
how would he even think to ask this question and then suddenly get an "Absolutely" for the answer? Did anyone ask the same question for the first expansion?

FiringSquad: What sort of new character options will the player have when creating a new character for Shivering Isles?

Mark Nelson: The character creation system from the base game hasn't changed for the expansion. Still, there are tons of new clothing, armor, and weapon options in the expansion to allow the player to further customize his character.
this one does sound like ah honest answer to a legitimate interview question.

To me at the very least, I think this is a heavily edited interview. It almost could read like a FAQ.

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