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February 4th, 2007, 00:20
ahh, another "mini-flame war" with another more acerbic group of fellow CRPG players in as many days.

I must contend many of your responses have been well thought out here, and much more than what I've typically read on your own news comments when I used to read there every once in a great while.

I had thought the interview was legit when I first read it. Shows how smart I am. The Bio devs occasionally post on the Codex and they have done one or two interviews so it wasn't out of the realm of possibility to me. The only that left me scratching my head was why it didn't get silly between the two parties with the party of the first knowing they were the Codex and the party of the second part knowing they were talking to someone from the Codex. I was expecting some witty retorts and not the typical fluff you see given to to the more mainstream sites which this interview looked like (see my comments on the IGN "interview" and the upcoming Oblivion expansion).

So it was a farce. It somewhat makes sense now. Can someone like Dhruin or Corwin edit the newpost here to indicate that? Gullible people like myself need help in that regard.

I wonder how long this "interview" will be sited as legit information for what ME will have or Bio promised.

(a good follow up fake newsbit could be the announcement that ME is being ported over the PC and will include 2 new areas rejected by MS so that XBox fans can get a new experience on the game and a preview of features that will be used in the Upcoming (2012) Dragon Age. Also included more options to make it not suck like it does on XBox but suck on a PC because its still a Console game. - man, I should join Codex just to throw in my own cynicism once in awhile).
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