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February 4th, 2007, 01:22
RPG Vault has an update interview on Two Worlds, although it was clearly written before the recent announcements of an MMO mode and a May 9th release date. The article focuses on peripheral issues such as gamers' perception of Two Worlds and the team's enthusiasm:
Jonric: What kinds of gamers are most likely to find Two Worlds appealing, and what do you regard as the key factors that will determine how well it sells?

James Seaman:
We tried to make the game as appealing to everyone as possible - new gamers, hardcore fans of RPGs and the casual gamer alike. We've included online play so that up to eight players (PC and Xbox 360 alike) can team up and quest together. You'll also be able to fight while riding on horseback, although it does take some practice to get it right.

As far as the game selling, I think it really sells itself. The action / RPG genre was really blown open by Oblivion, and we're trying to make something that'll bring the fans of the genre a step above and beyond what people have already experienced. I think the game will really take off once word gets out about the gameplay and the features we're including. The unparalleled ability to customize your character and the countless options in development of skills and abilities really make Two Worlds stand out in a crowd. And did I mention it's gorgeous to look at too?
More information.
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