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February 4th, 2007, 01:22
"There's nothing saying you can't work for more than one faction in the course of the story,"

It's really odd the way he talks and way the game has developed, in the sense they seem to be taking elements of other games strong points, which isn't new and different but they seem to be doing it to games release even withing the last couple of months or two.

Ok there's the MMOG mode (Guild Wars), Open World (Gothic and oblivion), Skill Changers (SilverFall), Character Customization (oblivion) and now Working for all Sides (Gothic).

I am sure I have missed some of the features in Two Worlds, normally those would be considered impossible to code this fast or at the very least be a stable game and probably be considered hype since at least in this case seems to be a pub PR person, but iirc devs have even been saying many of these things recently.

I wonder if they have figured out oblivions PR stratigy and are blowing wind up our Kilts!
Anyone else feeling a breeze?
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