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February 4th, 2007, 01:05
Hmm..from now on I'll Say Co-op instead of Single-Party MP. Much simpler.

Typically you call a server hack a "Shard". This is from Ultima Online and the idea that the breakaway servers with different timelines were separate "Shards" from a gem that Mondaine? shattered. When the first servers that were reverse engineered from UO kept the name.

Ultima Online is why people refer to their internet portrait as "Avatars". In single player Ultimas of course you obtain you your Avatar-hood thru the eight virtues. Since it was the player that becomes the Avatar when they made UO naturally every player was an "Avatar". This historicity is lost on most people today.

(I know I used the word wrong. Its just that I like saying "historicity".)

Y'now you are probably right. If they are going to support thousands it would have to be on some uber machine and you don't see that in your typical household. Too bad. I have no interest in playing such a game like this in a massive environment. This isn't Guild Wars after all.
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